What is Melanotan?

Melanotan (also called: MT, afamelanotide or melanotan 1 or Scenesse) and Melanotan II (also called: MT II or melanotan 2) are laboratory made analogs of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone which is produced by our body (to be exactly within the pituitary gland). MT and MT 2 were developed at The Arizona University together with Arizona’s Cancer Center.

Melanotan is a straight, full length peptide. Melanotan 2 is a shortened, circular version of the afamelanotide peptide. MT and MT II cause sunless tanning of the human skin and MT II has libido enhancement and spontaneous erections as extra effects.

The tanning effect by MT and MT 2 is more pronounced when the skin has been exposed to UV light, but tanning of the skin will also happen when the skin is not exposed to the sun/UV light.

Differences between melanotan and melanotan 2

Melanotan’s peptide structure is almost the same as our endogenously produced melanocyte-stimulating hormone. MT is an agonist of the melanocortin-1 receptor (located on melanocyte cells) and when this receptor is triggered it eventually will cause tanning of the skin. MT 1 does not bind well to other receptors.

Melanotan 2 has a shorter sequence of amino acids and also has a slightly different form then Melanotan 1. Because of this subtle change, binding at receptors other than the melanocortin-1 receptor is greater than that of Melanotan 1. This receptor binding on other receptors then the melanocortin-1 receptor results in some effects with MT-II usage that the user will not notice in MT1 usage. MT2 also binds to the melanocortin-3 and 4 receptors and this binding will cause increases in sexual arousal.

Which of the two is better? In the opinion of the writer, you should choose Melanotan 1 (afamelanotide / Scenes) because afamelanotide causes tanning with fewer side effects then Melanotan 2. But if you like the spontaneous erections as a side effect and you want more bang for your buck then you should choose melanotan 2.

Because the amino-acid sequence is shorter in the case of melanotan2, there are more MT2 peptide chains available compared to MT1 on an mg for mg basis. This means that on an mg for mg basis effectively you need much less in terms of milligram weight of MT-II to achieve similar tanning results compared to MT1. So in terms of which MT has the most bang for its buck most users will choose Melanotan2.

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